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ITT Industrial Process (IP) is a dynamic business expanding on a global scale. Headquartered in Seneca Falls, New York, IP offers a portfolio of world-leading brands in industrial pumps, valves and monitoring and control equipment, offshore water treatment systems, and plant optimization and efficiency systems, as well as aftermarket services and parts.

ITT Goulds Pumps

ITT Goulds Pumps is among the most widely recognized and respected brands in the global pump industry, serving customers in the oil and gas, mining, power generation, chemical, pulp and paper, and general industrial markets. As the only manufacturer to make digital monitoring standard on every process pump, ITT Goulds Pumps continues to lead the industry in both mechanical pump design and the adoption of smart technologies.

Worldwide Facilities


ITT Rheinhütte Pumpen (www.rheinhuette.de)
ITT Rheinhütte Pumpen is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of centrifugal and axial flow pumps suited to corrosive, abrasive and high-temperature industrial process environments. Rheinhütte solutions serve specialty applications for the chemical, mining, renewable energy and refinery processes and include solutions for sulfuric acid, molten sulfur, fertilizer and chlorine-alkali electrolysis production among others.

ITT Bornemann (www.bornemann.com)
ITT Bornemann is a market-leading provider of multiphase pumping systems for the oil and gas industry, and also serves the industrial, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors. Bornemann expands our portfolio of highly engineered pumps, systems and aftermarket capabilities for global oil and gas and other attractive end markets.

ITT Svanehøj (www.svanehoj.com)
ITT Svanehøj is a leading designer and manufacturer of marine fuel and cargo pumps and tank gauging systems. Its highly specialized pump technology is compatible with all forms of liquid gas, including LNG, LPG, CO2, ammonia, and methanol. ITT Svanehøj is also a leading full-scope provider of inspection, service, and calibration of cargo equipment on tankers. Thanks to its full-scale marine fuel program in deepwell and submerged cryogenic fuel pumps and an extensive service and aftersales setup, ITT Svanehøj is a significant partner in the green energy transition.

ITT Engineered Valves (www.engvalves.com)
ITT Engineered Valves are essential equipment in industries ranging from mining to biopharmaceuticals, from nuclear operations to oil sands. With experience in valve development, design, manufacturing, installation and automation, product offerings include market-leading industrial knife-gate and hygienic diaphragm valves.

ITT Habonim (www.habonim.com)
ITT Habonim makes ball valves & actuators for the most demanding, challenging, and hazardous applications. For more than 70 years, Habonim has been committed to engineering, manufacturing, and supplying superior products and providing excellent personal service for customers. Habonim takes pride in incorporating quality, innovation, reliability, and safety into product offerings. Habonim prides itself on providing timely and professional solutions for the most demanding industries, including hydrogen, LNG, chemical, petrochemical, pharma, and mining.

ITT PRO Services (www.ittproservices.com)   
ITT PRO Services provides replacement parts, repair and upgrade services, reliability and maintenance programs, and asset management assistance to customers with the goals of extending equipment life, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and increasing plant output. PRO Services includes PumpSmart variable speed drive systems and i-ALERT® equipment health monitors.

ITT C’treat (www.ctreat.com)
ITT C’treat is a leading provider of high quality water treatment systems for offshore oil and gas production platforms throughout the world. C’treat equipment offers dependable fresh water for drinking, equipment wash-down, general utility, desalting crude and other processes.
ITT Industrial Process includes approximately 2,815 employees at 53 global locations.

Manufacturing locations include:
Amory, Mississippi, USA | Axminster, United Kingdom | Buenos Aires, Argentina Cataguases, Brazil Choong-Buk, South Korea | City of Industry, California, USA | Dammam, Saudi Arabia | Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA | Obernkirchen, Germany | Rennerod, Germany | Salto, Brazil | Seneca Falls, New York, USA | The Woodlands, Texas, USA Tizayuca, Mexico | Vadodara, India | Wangara, Australia | Weisbaden, Germany Zachary, Louisiana, USA

Biopharmaceutical | Chemical | Industrial | Mining | Oil & Gas | Power | Pulp & Paper

ITT Inc. (www.itt.com)
ITT is a diversified leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for the energy, transportation and industrial markets. Building on its heritage of innovation, ITT partners with its customers to deliver enduring solutions to the key industries that underpin our modern way of life. ITT is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with employees in more than 35 countries and sales in approximately 125 countries.

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We are Goulds Pumps Video

We are Goulds Pumps Video
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Goulds Pumps History
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