Goulds Extends API Pump Offering


    March 28, 2007, Seneca Falls, N.Y.: The Goulds Model 3700 API-610 10th edition process pump is now offered in 8 additional sizes, extending its hydraulic coverage to better fit customer application requirements. This is the first phase of the 3700 product upgrade that will add 21 new hydraulic sizes and improve 11 existing sizes. These new sizes will increase the probability that a pump selection can be made between 80% and 110% of best efficiency point flow (as required by API 610). It will also optimize the suction specific speed and NPSHR of numerous impellers to better meet customer specifications.

    The 3700 is designed with severe duty casing, pedestal support system and baseplate to withstand the high temperature / high pressures found in hydrocarbon and petrochemical applications. Other features include centerline support, an API-682 seal chamber (accommodates most popular cartridge seals) and a finned bearing housing to dissipate heat and reduce housing temperatures. An extra large oil sump further reduces oil temperature, extending bearing life.

    The Model 3700 will handle temperatures to 800°F (450°C), flows to 6,500 GPM (1,700 m3/h), and heads to 1,150 feet (350 m).

    Download a brochure at or contact your local Goulds Pumps representative.


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