Goulds Offers Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps for Treatment Plants


    (Seneca Falls, NY October 23, 2006) – Goulds Pumps, one of the fluid brands of ITT Corporation, has a complete line of heavy duty, magnetically driven lined process pumps for chemical feed applications in water and wastewater treatment plants. The ETFE lined model 3298 will handle the most corrosive fluids safely, reliably and at a minimum operational cost. The 3298 is available in frame mounted, close-coupled, vertical in-line, and self priming configurations to fit your application layout. It represents the most extensive lined mag-drive pump product offering available.

    Liquid-end parts are lined with a thick layer of ETFE for universal corrosion resistance and an impenetrable barrier against leakage. Being sealless and magnetically driven, the 3298 has no expensive conventional mechanical seals to maintain.

    Operational safety is a prime consideration in the selection of process pumps for treatment plants. The 3298 meets the strictest EPA regulations under the Clean Air Act – Zero emissions for a safe system and work environment.

    The 3298 offers a lower initial cost than alternative high alloy pumps. The lower operating costs are a by-product of the 3298 design. Efficiencies are equal to those of conventionally sealed ANSI pumps and are as high as 30% better than competitive metallic, sealless pumps.

    For those difficult installations where dry running can be an issue, Goulds offers optional DryGuardTM bearings and PumpSmart® PS10 and PS20 power monitors. The DryGuardTM bearings will keep the pump operating through unexpected dry run conditions, while the PumpSmart® power monitor will warn of upset conditions and save the pump from damage. Together, they make the perfect combination for protecting your mag-drive pump and treatment process.

    The 3298 Series offers capacities to 1,200 GPM (270m3/h), heads to 530 feet (162m), and temperatures to 250oF (121oC). Applications for the 3298 series include: transfer pumps, batch processes, water treatment and distribution, booster pumps, disposal, water circulation, chemical sumps, highly corrosive acids and chlorides as well as chemical injection.

    Goulds Pumps offers the most complete range of pumps for chemical and other water and wastewater applications. For additional information on the 3298 pump series, contact your local Goulds Pumps Municipal Representative or visit

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