Goulds Offers New Pumps for Corrosive Services


    November 1, 2005, Seneca Falls, NY: Goulds Pumps, a subsidiary of ITT Corporation, has introduced two new pump designs specifically for severe corrosive services.

    The Goulds Model 4150

    The Goulds Model 4150 frame mounted end-suction process pump is constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Vinyl Ester Resin which is chemically resistant and provides thermal stability and overall durability. Continuous stranding offers exceptional strength. Features include an externally adjustable impeller for optimum hydraulic efficiency. The 4150 also offers sealing flexibility with a wide assortment of stuffing box arrangements including single outside and double inside mechanical seals. An internal flush removes heat from process fluids eliminating the requirement of external flushing. The Model 4150 line includes 19 sizes  through 12” (305mm) suction with capacities to 5,000 GPM (1130m3/h) and heads to 490 feet (150m).


    The Goulds Model 4550

    The Goulds Model 4550 is a non-metallic vertical sump pump constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Vinyl Ester Resin which combines chemical resistance with strength and durability in severe corrosive services. Continuous stranding provides the exceptional strength of the material.

    Features include a replaceable, extra long lower pump sleeve bearing which reduces surface loading. The bearing is grooved to ensure generous lubrication. The semi-open impeller utilizes pump-out vanes to extend bearing life. The 19 sizes range to 12” (305mm) suction with capacities to 5,000 GPM (1130 m3/h) and heads to 275 feet (85m).


    The addition of the Model 4150 and Model 4550 pumps complete the Goulds Pumps offering of metallic and non-metallic pumps for process applications such as chemical feed, unloading, and transfer.


    About ITT Industries

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