ITT Goulds ICM Magnetic Drive Process Pumps With Dry Guard™ Bearings


    May 1, 2009  Seneca Falls, NY USA:  Goulds Pumps, one of the fluid businesses of ITT, has a line of ISO magnetic drive process pumps developed for difficult process fluid services throughout the chemical, paper, and general industries.
    The ICM can handle flows up to 400 m³/h (1,760 USGPM) and heads to 210 m (685 Feet). Standard operating pressures are up to 16 bar (232 psig) with options for 25 bar (362 psig). Operating temperatures range from –40 to180°C (–40 to 360°F) and can go as high as 280°C (536°F) with high temperature magnets and bearings.
    The ICM is specifically designed to pump difficult fluids such as corrosives, ultra-pure, and toxics liquids. Its sealless, robust design combines with a wide variety of materials (Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, ductile iron, Alloy 20, and others) to provide reliability and maximum service life.
    The bearings are chemical and abrasion resistant Silicon Carbide (SSiC). The proven DRY GUARD™ dry run bearing protection can be provided.
    In the case of bearing failure, the wetted rotor will not come in contact with the separating can nor will larger SSiC parts get out of the cartridge. That means that the separating can – being the most important sealing device in the pump – remains protected from failure (patented).

    The containment can is made from a single piece of material with no welds. Wetted surfaces are smooth and resistant to corrosion. A formed bead prevents the pumped medium from vortexing in the rear of the can, where the presence of solids could erode the can.

    Other features include:
    • Integrated connection provisions for a variety of pump monitoring devices, including patented internal flow direction for optimum temperature readings
    • Optional PumpSmart®  VSD flow control equipment
    • External plain bearing flushing for liquids containing solids or crystallizing media
    • Pump is designed for simple maintenance: fewer subassemblies, no need of special tools and an alignment free design
    • Patented bearing cartridge design for quick and easy pump repair
    The ICM has been named Product of the Year by two prestigious magazines; Plant Engineering and Plant Services.
    Plant operators can now choose magnetic driven or mechanically sealed pumps, both designed to ISO standards.
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