ITT Goulds Pumps: Making On Board Intelligence the Standard for Pumps


    February 6, 2008, Seneca Falls, NY: The pump has a long history, dating back to the first screw pump invented by Archimedes in the 3rd century B.C. Over the centuries, it has powered much of the world’s progress, and today, the pump is the second most common complex machine on the planet, after electric motors.

    Because of its age and prevalence, few people think of the pump as a modern machine. Pumps are used in heavy industrial processes, moving corrosive slurries, fluids, and chemical mixtures. While computers have been used to improve the performance of everything from scientific research to global communication, the pump does not seem like a technology enhanced candidate.

    The scientists and engineers of ITT Goulds Pumps take a different view. Over the past 10 years, they have brought a number of industry firsts to the market by thinking “outside the flanges.”

    • ITT PumpSmart® Control Solutions provide advanced process control, energy savings, and lower maintenance costs for any pump. More than 30,000 intelligent pump controllers are sold each year by ITT.
    • ITT ProSmart® Predictive Condition Monitoring continuously monitors pumps and other rotating equipment electronically and delivers critical warnings to decision-makers via wireless technology.

    Today, with the introduction of the 3196 i-FRAME™, Goulds is making on board intelligence standard on the world’s most popular process pump – the Model 3196. “From a Goulds perspective, the i-FRAME is a natural convergence of two trends — innovation in both the mechanical and electronics arenas,” said Patrick Prayne, ANSI Product Manager. “We have been enhancing and adding new features to the 3196 for more than 40 years to respond to the needs of our customers, and we have led in the development of electronic monitoring and controls.

    “But by making control monitoring standard on pumps, the patent pending 3196 i-FRAME represents a breakthrough product. It is probably the most significant step to reduce Life Cycle Costs in the history of the 3196 pump.”

    3196 i-FRAME provides early warning for potential pump failure

    ITT Goulds Pumps made onboard pump intelligence a standard feature on the world’s most popular process pump, the ANSI Model 3196. Using a stainless steel control monitor securely nested on the pump’s power end, the 3196 i-FRAME continuously measures critical vibration and temperature readings. Variations in these measurements activate the early warning system by displaying flashing red lights – allowing maintenance managers to avoid catastrophic failure and reduce downtime. Goulds 3196 i-FRAME will also minimize time spent on “walk-arounds” and inspection tours by maintenance personnel. The easily-recognized visual warning provides “extra eyes” on the floor.

    With a basic electronic monitor becoming standard across their complete ANSI product line, Goulds now offers a complete range of intelligent-monitoring options for different customer needs.

    ITT ProSmart® Predictive Condition Monitoring offers sophisticated insights

    For more sophisticated monitoring, ProSmart Condition Monitoring takes advantage of today’s wireless technology to bring machine health data directly to a range of devices—including computers, telephones, cell phones, and PDAs.

    With user-set alarm limits, ProSmart monitors machines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When a machine exceeds the user defined limits, ProSmart notifies designated personnel within seconds on the device of their choice. Installing the field devices is simple and, without the need for communication wires, it’s fast and cost effective.

    The ProSmart Condition Monitoring system offers important values:

    • Continuous monitoring—Walk-around programs often fail because they do not detect transient events. ProSmart continuously monitors equipment around the clock without interruption.
    • Multiple technologies, not just vibration—Vibration analysis is a valuable tool in condition monitoring, but not the only one. ProSmart integrates temperature, speed and leak detection together with vibration to create a more accurate diagnosis of machine health.
    • Automatic data collection—Since ProSmart is a permanently mounted system, data is automatically collected, eliminating the need to allocate and schedule labor.
    • Automatic sorting—Patented machine condition algorithms continuously monitor equipment health. Smart alarms are automatically routed to key personnel via email, pager, phone/voicemail, or computer dashboard. This allows organizations to dispatch labor when it’s necessary, based on condition, not the clock.
    • Efficient use of labor—Analysts are most efficiently used to analyze data, not collect and sort it. In traditional walk-around programs, analysts spend 80 to 90 percent of their time collecting and sorting through data. ProSmart allows analysts to be analysts.
    • Open access to data—Data, in traditional condition monitoring programs, exists as an “island of information.” ProSmart allows access to data throughout an organization—no matter where in the world they are. This also allows for further efficiencies, such as analyst coaching and mentoring.
    • • Low total cost of ownership—ProSmart was designed from the ground up to be easy to install, operate, and maintain. Multiple low-cost sensors in a single footprint, wireless communication, remote set-up/configuration, and intuitive web-based software are a few of the key cost savings.

    ITT PumpSmart technology intelligently responds to process conditions

    ITT PumpSmart Control Solutions provide advanced digital control and protection products for industrial pump applications. They are designed to decrease the total Life Cycle Costs of pumping machinery by improving reliability, performance, and profitability. The PumpSmart intelligent flow system works with any pump, utilizing a smart, variable frequency drive controller, along with proprietary control software to provide advanced process control, enhanced reliability through failure prevention, and significantly lower energy costs—up to 65 percent.

    PumpSmart technology improves pump operation in a multitude of ways:

    • SmartFlow or sensorless flow measurement (Patented) – PumpSmart is able to programmatically derive the specific speed design of your pump. With this derived information, it can accurately define the flow rate by leveraging toque and speed data.
    • Advanced Pump Protection – PumpSmart uses its derived flow data to rapidly and accurately identify process upset conditions and can alert operators to take precautionary measures. By protecting against upsets PumpSmart eliminates the most common causes of premature pump failures.
    • Energy Costs – By matching pump output to the current process demand, PumpSmart variable speed systems can significantly reduce the overall energy consumed by pump systems. This reduction in energy reduces energy dissipation throughout the pump system to minimize mean time between failure of pumps and surrounding systems.
    • Multi-Pump System Technology – Flow demand in some systems may require parallel operation of multi pumps. PumpSmart is designed to manage the entire control scheme for multi-pump systems. This includes determining how many pumps should be turned on, evenly distributing the load to each pump being operated, and automatically sequencing pump operation.
    • Advanced Process Control—With pre-programmed process applications such as multi-variable control and multi-pump control, PumpSmart systems can automatically react to changing process conditions and demands.
    • Simplicity—With advanced functionality pre-programmed into each control system, PumpSmart variable speed systems can reduce or eliminate the need for programming and testing of PLC/DCS based pump control logic. With intuitive and instructional configuration guides, PumpSmart helps users avoid the common pitfalls of variable speed pumping.
    • Flexibility—PumpSmart variable speed drives are available up to 700 HP for low-voltage applications and can be integrated into almost every industrial distributed control system in the market today.

    PumpSmart Performance Services can assess complete pumping systems, units or plants to identify ways to improve pumping Life Cycle Costs; from process control strategies, to system design, to maintenance practices.

    A product invented 23 centuries ago may seem an unlikely candidate for high-tech innovation, but ITT Goulds has brought increasingly new levels of intelligence to pumps – and with the introduction of the 3196 i-FRAME, made on board intelligence standard on the most popular process pumps in the world.


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