ITT Goulds Taperbore™ Plus Seal Chamber Extends Service Life


    November 1, 2007, Seneca Falls, New York - ITT Goulds, one of the fluid brands of ITT Corporation, the largest pump manufacturer in the world, continues to improve its popular lines of process pumps. To provide the lowest life cycle costs of any other process pump available, Goulds has concentrated on several major pump design features to insure maximum life. Improving the sealing environment of a process pump is most important.

    As the single area of a pump most likely to fail, mechanical seal chamber design is of primary concern.  Besides the downtime and associated costs, the emission of process fluids could cause a safety and environmental concern. The most common reasons for seal failure are inadequate heat dissipation and poor lubrication. The patented Goulds Taper Bore Plus seal chamber allows the mechanical seal to run cooler and with better face lubrication. It also keeps solids, air, and vapors away from the seal faces further extending seal life. The Taper Bore Plus is an enlarged seal chamber which allows increased radial clearance between the mechanical seal and the chamber, providing better liquid circulation thereby improving heat removal. The Taper Bore Plus also has a Vane Particle Ejector which directs solids away from the seal faces. Air and vapors are also efficiently removed.

    For more information, visit or contact your local Goulds sales representative.

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