ITT Goulds offers non-metallic process pump with i-FRAMET


    NEW YORK, N.Y., November 17, 2009 – On-board condition monitoring is now standard on non-metallic versions of the world’s most popular process pump, the Goulds Pumps Model 3196.
    The ITT Goulds Model NM 3196 is an ANSI chemical process pump that gives customers an alternative to expensive metal-alloy pumps for processes involving highly corrosive fluids. Constructed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the NM 3196 pump is up to 20 percent more efficient than competing metal pumps.
    The Model NM 3196 now features i-FRAME power ends, which incorporate multiple patented technologies to reduce downtime and lower life-cycle costs. The central feature of this new power frame is the i-ALERT™ on-board condition monitor, which automatically monitors temperature and vibration, warning users with a flashing LED display if either are exceeding normal parameters. The visual alert makes it easy to spot potential trouble before it occurs, so that operators can react to avoid possible catastrophic failure and resulting loss of production and downtime.
    “The NM 3196 design has long been recognized as a cost-effective option for pumping hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, seawater, ferric chloride and other harsh chemicals,” said Ed Kupp, ITT Goulds Pumps product manager. “By adding i-FRAME technology with its on-board condition monitoring, we are further increasing reliability and safety while decreasing ownership costs for this proven workhorse of a pump.”
    In addition to standard on-board condition monitoring, benefits of the Model NM 3196 include:    
    • Higher efficiency than competing pumps with a high-performance volute design that is molded to make the internal casing passageways hydraulically smoother
    • Long-term energy savings by maintaining the original efficiency through easy external adjustments
    • Sealing flexibility with a wide range of sealing arrangements available to meet specific service requirements
    • Heavy-duty shaft and bearings designed for minimum deflection and 10-year average life under tough operating conditions
    The ITT Goulds Pumps Model NM 3196 can operate at up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit, and withstand vibrations up to 100 percent over the baseline level. The NM 3196 with i-FRAME is available now in 13 hydraulic sizes, with capacities to 1400 GPM (318 m3/h) and heads to 500 feet (152 m).  
    The ITT Goulds Model 3196 pump is the industry standard and the world’s leading ANSI dimension chemical process pump. More than one million units are operating today in chemical, petrochemical, paper, food-and-beverage and other industrial applications.
    The impeller, seal chamber and mounting system of the 3196 all are designed to maximize pump efficiency and minimize maintenance costs over the life of the pump. Last year ITT Goulds introduced the i-FRAME power end with intelligent monitoring to extend these benefits and further reduce the risk of downtime.
    It has received multiple awards from industry publications and trade associations.
    ITT Goulds Pumps backs all of its products with a global network of service and support. To learn more, go to
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