ITT Plant Performance Services Lowers Operating Costs, Improves Efficiency


    May 4, 2009, Houston, TX – Plant managers can save up to 25 percent annually on pump operating costs using ITT’s Plant Performance Services – a range of expert analysis and implementation support services to reduce total cost of ownership and improve efficiency of pump operations.
    Studies show that the purchase price is only 10 percent of the total cost of pump ownership. Energy, maintenance and downtime make up more than 60 percent of ownership costs. ITT Plant Performance Services draws on the company’s pump system expertise and application knowledge to help customers lower these costs.   
    Suite of Services Saves Money, Improves Reliability
    Eight separate services, available individually or as part of integrated solutions, help plant managers and maintenance supervisors to reduce pump ownership costs and improve efficiency of pumping processes.
    • Plant-wide pump optimization. ITT’s ProActivityTM is a three-phase service that incorporates an on-site baseline survey with a detailed assessment of current conditions and projected return on investment (ROI), a detailed gap analysis of performance compared to peers and best-in-class with an action plan and ROI, and implementation support for cost-saving initiatives.
    • “Bad-actor” diagnosis. The REsolveTM service focuses on persistent “bad-actor” systems by measuring critical inputs such as vibration, temperature, pressure and flow. ITT experts are engaged as needed to address system, hydraulic, mechanical and material issues, and engineer a cost-effective solution to end the problem for good.
    • Efficiency. ITT conducts pump system screenings and assessments to identify the parts of a plant that could most benefit from optimization. Recommendations for process and control modifications follow, often resulting in 20 to 60 percent energy savings if implemented.
    • Monitoring. ITT ProAnalysis services provide comprehensive monitoring to examine the health of all rotating equipment. Customizable to individual needs, ProAnalysis uses ITT ProSmart® remote monitoring systems, hand-held instruments and customer data to improve processes, increase reliability and prevent against sudden machinery failures.
    • Design. ITT Engineering Support Services provide custom design and upgrade services to almost any industry. Through API pump upgrades, system designs, finite element analysis and material upgrades, Engineering Support Services helps plants realize savings in maintenance and operating costs, as well as improve reliability through reduced energy consumption and extended equipment life.
    • Repairs. Remanufacturing and repair capabilities are provided by ITT PRO Services®, a group that consists of 14 service centers worldwide. PRO Services returns all types and brands of rotating equipment to OEM standards. Customers benefit from the expertise of specialized service centers, and 24/7/365 on-site service support availability.
    • Training. Plant managers can call on ITT Plant Performance Learning Services to educate staff on designing effective pump systems, operating and maintaining pumps properly and safely, and understanding the benefits of optimization. Courses are delivered as open enrollment to the general public, private standard classes to a specific company, or tailored training with modified courses to fit customer needs. A portable Pump System Stimulator offers hands-on learning for all students.
    • Inventory. ITT Inventory Services helps with inventory and supply chain improvements. It streamlines the entire replacement part replenishment process by reducing unnecessary inventory and leveraging ITT’s supply chain, from its own inventory to that of distributors and PRO Services centers so that customers can spend less on parts and reduce the need for storage space.
    “We know that pumps are an essential part of nearly every plant, and that they can be a real cost issue if not maintained properly,” said Pat Yehl, ITT Global Marketing & Business Development Manager. “From energy consumption, to maintenance to training, ITT Plan Performance Services has solutions to help improve efficiencies and save money every step of the way.”
    Customer PPS Success
    Hundreds of customers have already realized the savings that ITT Plant Performance Services brings.
    Thanks to ProActivity, a one multi-billion dollar chemical supplier increased mean time between failure (MTBF) 71 percent, and saved more than $1.5 million in operation and maintenance costs over the first four years after implementing the service.
    An Energy Performance Services assessment at a large paper manufacturer with more than 1,000 centrifugal pumps yielded recommendations for 23 pumps, with a projected savings of $1.1 million in energy and maintenance costs on a capital investment of $591,000.
    ITT Inventory Services also helped a paper mill that has more than 4,000 centrifugal pumps at five pulp and paper facilities save nearly $150,000 by implementing inventory recommendations. The company optimized inventory for all five facilities and leveraged ITT’s network of support to reduce the number of on-site replacement parts and save money.
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