ITT PumpSmart® Eliminates Need for Flow Meter


    (May 1, 2009  Seneca Falls, NY)  ITT’s newest version of PumpSmart combines the benefits of standard variable speed drive (VSD) with patented SmartFlow™ sensorless flow measurement technology to maximize your plant performance and reduce your overall costs.
    With out any sensors, PumpSmart can derive the flow of the pump within ± 5% of the rated pump flow.  With only four pieces of pump performance data required PumpSmart is able to calculate the flow of the pump by comparing the pump power and flow performance curves.  SmartFlow™ can be used on any manufacturer’s centrifugal pump and a self calibration function allows for correction due to pump wear.

    Other patented features of PumpSmart include:

    Pump Protection – Because PumpSmart knows exactly where your pump is operating on the performance curve it will inform and protect the pump from conditions such as dry running, low flow recirculation and no-flow. All of which are detrimental to pump reliability.  

    Multi-Pump Control – Managing multiple pumps with a standard variable speed drive is a very challenging task given the breadth of process variables, speed, flow and pressure of multiple pumps.  PumpSmart’s embedded logic will manage the entire process from balancing flow between pumps, rotating pump operation for even wear to providing automatic fault backup.  No PLC is required; configuration is performed on-site and can be adjusted by the end user to meet changing system requirements. 

    Pump Cleaning Sequence – PumpSmart is continuously monitoring the performance of the pump and is able to detect when a pump has become clogged or jammed.  Upon detection PumpSmart’s Pump Cleaning Sequence takes action by cycling the pump forward and backwards at different speeds and velocities creating the forces necessary to free the pump from a clog; thus eliminating the need to manually un-clog the pump. 
    PumpSmart’s patented features can not be found on a standard variable speed drives.
    For more information, visit our website, or contact Dan Kernan, PumpSmart Product Manager, ITT Monitoring and Control, (315) 568-7874.
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