Line Extension for the ChemBasePlus™


    Goulds is pleased to announce a product line extension for the ChemBasePlus™. This extension formalizes the availability of 5 new sizes, one (1) for the larger MTX and four (4) for the XLTX ANSI pumps.

    With the addition of these new sizes you can now mount any group ANSI pump on a ChemBasePlus™! Remember that ChemBasePlus™ can be used for new pump installations, field retrofits and foundation repair work. The ChemBasePlus is a solid polymer concrete through and through so you will never lose the corrosion protection and never need to maintain it as long as it's there!

    Advantages of the product include:

    • The ChemBasePlus is flat to 0.001"/ft. Compare this to conventional steel baseplates that are normally only flat to 0.005in/ft across the pump and motor pad. This translates into faster, more accurate alignment while greatly reducing any chance of soft-foot!
    • The ChemBasePlus is more corrosion resistant than Vinylester-based baseplates.
    • Available in Zanite™ (standard) and optional Novalac, the ChemBasePlus has your application covered!
    • The ChemBasePlus Polymer Composite construction inherently provides excellent vibration dampening. This translates to longer seal and bearing life-lower equipment maintenance costs!
    • The ChembasePlus is 30-50% heavier than conventional baseplates. It is more capable of reducing pump vibration. This translates to longer seal and bearing life-lower equipment maintenance costs!
    • The ChemBasePlus is more rigid than conventional metallic baseplates. This rigid construction means no warping or twisting during shipment and fewer problems on site.
    • Ease of Installation
      • The solid design eliminates problems with air pockets or proper grout-to-base adhesion.
      • No special preparation of the underside of the baseplate is required.
      • Its rigid construction means less time is needed for leveling and less chance of soft foot.
      • Because there is no cavity to fill, it requires less grout and less time to cure.
      • Only a single thin set of grout cuts installation time and costs greatly.
    • The ChemBasePlus is solid polymer through and through. Unlike painted steel baseplates which can chip causing corrosion attack.
    • The ChemBasePlus is a more cost effective solution compared to purchasing a regular steel baseplate with special surface preparations and far more cost effective than Stainless Steel!

    Plus it offers all the above advantages as standard!