Medium Consistency Pumping Systems From Goulds


    Seneca Falls, NY – Goulds Pumps, one of the fluid businesses of ITT Industries, has produced a medium consistency pumping system that overcomes the two major obstacles in pumping paper stock during bleaching operations –the formation of a fiber network that will not readily flow in consistencies over 8% and high air content which causes air binding in centrifugal pumps.

    The Goulds Model 3500 is capable of handling consistencies up to 16% and features a patented air separation design that removes the high air content present in medium consistency pulp. The 3500 creates high shear rates which result in turbulence that assists in mixing. And, efficient mixing is key for economical pulp bleaching.

    When the Goulds Model 3501 inline mixer, with its unique patented DOUBLE SHEAR™, high turbulence design, is coupled with the Model 3500, the medium consistency system produces a high production of quality pulp with maximum gas usage and low chemical use. Typical applications for Goulds medium consistency systems include: pumping into HD towers, discharging storage towers, and after the washers feeding bleaching stages.