New Printed Goulds Pumps GPM Catalog


    Seneca Falls, NY…The most comprehensive pump catalog ever in the industry, Goulds GPM, is once again available in print. We listened to our customers, some of whom still prefer an offset printed, perfect bound catalog to take with them where ever they need to be. Plant based personnel prefer the portability and versatility of print versus digital versions. The last printed version of GPM disappeared with the introduction of our web-based and CD-ROM versions in 1999. This new 60Hz catalog is 854 pages chock full of pump mechanical data, performance curves, dimensions, and more. What better way to find the pump you need offline? And, of course, GPM still contains the popular Goulds Technical Data Book, 145 pages of pumping fundamentals, selection charts, friction loss tables, etc.

    The Goulds Pump Manual, better known as GPM, was first introduced in 1973 and is now in its eighth edition, GPM8. GPM continues to be available on CD-ROM and, for custom catalog requirements, Print-on-Demand. The complete catalog containing all Goulds Models is over 1600 pages and covers over 110 models. If you are online, you can reference all of the Goulds Pumps models at

    For customized pump selection, complete pump performance data, and detailed product information, please use the web-based version of Goulds Pump Selection System, PSS. This comprehensive e-tool provide enhanced functionality and current to-the-minute data. To learn more about PSS on the Web, go to and click the Pump Selection button on our homepage.

    For more information on our GPM catalog, contact your Goulds Sales Representative.