New Q Pumps Goulds Improved Hydraulics for Model 3620


    I am sure you are aware of the Goulds 3620 between bearings, radially split process pumps. But what about the new 3620 “Q” designated sizes? All the 3620 pump sizes ending with “Q” have been redesigned with new hydraulics. These new hydraulics are not intended to replace existing hydraulics but to augment our current hydraulic coverage.

    All 3620’s still deliver smooth, reliable operation and fully meet the specification requirements of API-610. But now, available coverage resulting from the new “Q” selections will allow for the head rise and NPSH requirements most often required for your hydrocarbon processing applications falling within this product line.

    We listened to our customers and corrected the hydraulic shortcomings on many of the 3620 models. The result is 18 new sets of hydraulics. The new performance curves are available on line at and can be accessed through the Pump Selection System (PSS). Again, these new hydraulics are not intended to replace existing hydraulics but to broaden and enhance our current hydraulic coverage.

    Just to review some of the outstanding features of our 3620 line:


    • API-610, 10th Edition compliant
    • Centerline Mounted - For high temperature services
    • Large Shaft Diameter - For low shaft deflection and stable rotor dynamic performance
    • Radially Split Design - Dependable casing sealing for high temperature process applications
    • Rugged Mounting Flanges - Designed to meet API-610 nozzle load requirements
    • Between Bearings Design - Improved rotor stability at high flows and speeds
    • Double Suction Impeller - Reduced NPSH R at high flows and speeds


    • Product Line Range
      • Capacities to 20,000 GPM (4540 m3/h)
      • Heads to 1500 feet (455m)
      • Temperatures to 850◦ F (455◦ C)
      • Pressures from full vacuum to 1000 PSIG (6895 kPa)