New Replacement Parts Brochure from Goulds


    Seneca Falls, New York, USA - Goulds Pumps, one of the fluid brands of ITT Industries, has published a new four color, fully illustrated, 8 page brochure which describes why selecting genuine OEM replacement parts, instead of cheap imitations, remains the most economical choice.

    Featured is a "questions you should ask" section, which accurately provides the answers that buyers need to know before they settle on buying non- OEM parts for their Goulds pumps. Part of this section also includes recent graphic test data that compares the efficiencies in performance, head, and flow of a pump that contains non-OEM parts with a pump using genuine Goulds parts.

    Shaft and Sleeve Check Lists Offered

    A section contains an eight-point checklist for shaft inspection along with a five-point sleeve checklist. Detailed instructions are offered on what to look for along with both photographs and engineering drawings. An impeller section shows graphically and with detailed call outs how non-OEM impellers fail to meet casting and dimensional specifications, which effect pump performance.

    This brochure also outlines additional information on Goulds inventory services, power end programs, upgrade and re-engineering capabilities.

    Goulds Pumps is a fluid brand of ITT Industries. ITT Industries, Inc. ( supplies advanced technology products and services in key markets including: fluid and water management including water treatment; defense communication, opto-electronics, information technology and services; electronic interconnects and switches; and other specialty products. Headquartered in White Plains, NY, the company generated $6.8 billion in 2004 sales. In addition to the New York Stock Exchange, ITT Industries stock is traded on the Midwest, Pacific, Paris, London and Frankfurt exchanges.

    To obtain a copy of this new brochure, pump contact Goulds Pumps, 240 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, NY 13148 or call 1-800-734-PUMP ask for bulletin BRPARTS, to download a copy visit