Patented Shearpeller® Impeller Design Provides Optimum Solids Handling In Non-Clog Pumps


    Seneca Falls, NY, USA – A-C Pump, one of the premier fluid brands of ITT Industries, is offering the unique Shearpeller® impeller design on its NS Series wastewater pumps. This Shearpeller design concept enables these pumps to handle large, stringy or fibrous solids in suspension, up to 26% entrained air in water by volume, and highly viscous as well as many other hard to pump slurries. Shearpeller impellers are designed to handle those applications that are too difficult for conventional solids handling centrifugal pumps.

    With Shearpeller, the pumping action is performed by combining shear forces with the normal lift forces used in centrifugal pumps. The specially shaped Shearpeller radial vanes are narrow near the center to allow large or stringy solids to enter. An unobstructed passage is formed from the inlet to the discharge, because of the vane spacing and its relationship to the casing. Almost anything up to five inches in diameter that enters the impeller can be pumped. The vanes widen toward the outer diameter of the impeller to provide positive pumping action and higher heads than fully recessed impeller pumps. Shearpeller impellers are perfect for pumping wastewater, sludge and other liquids with solids.

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    For additional information on the Shearpeller impellers contact your local A-C Pump/Goulds Pumps Municipal Representative or call 1-800-734-PUMP or visit